concrete countertops

Benefits of Concrete Countertops

When we think of concrete, it is generally associated with floors, walls, and foundations. Recently, more people are moving towards the trend of opting for this material when renovating their kitchens. It is one of the best concrete countertops materials accessible these days. It is highly customizable, widely available, and relatively cheaper compared to other alternatives offering a similar level of durability for starters.

ConcreteMade specializes in delivering luxurious kitchen concrete countertops and worktops. We have a mature reputation for offering made-to-measure countertops. We aim to strive for the best and deliver top-notch quality to maximize customer satisfaction. We handcraft our countertops and offer bespoke designs that are precisely made to our customer requirements.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits offered by concrete countertops:

Unique Aesthetic Charm
Concrete countertops at ConcreteMade are handmade and hand-finished by expert artists. All of our worktops are designed to give a distinctive outlook. Moreover, this material is interesting so that no two concrete countertops will look the same even if the same skilled expert designs them. Concrete offers subtle variants in shades, color, and texture. Moreover, choosing a sealant and applying it to the worktop can repair the hairline cracks.

Sheer versatility
Concrete is a highly customizable material, which plays a big role when it comes to versatility. Whether you have a retro kitchen or a contemporary one, you can update your kitchen with concrete countertops to blend in and augment the appearance of your space.

Easy to maintain and clean
Concrete countertops are quite easy to maintain and clean if they are sealed properly. The best method of cleaning countertops is to rub them with a soft sponge dipped in a mix of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. If the worktops have stubborn marks and stains, then you can utilize a pH-neutral cleaning mix. Cleaning countertops is easy, but it is imperative to remember that abrasive chemicals can harm the surface.

If you are looking to install concrete countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, get in touch with ConcreteMade. Our team of professionals will guide you all through the way to ensure a perfect outlook.